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생일 축하합니다!!!

Happy happy birthday oppa!!!

frm sophie kim’s twitter update

생일 축하합니다!!!

Happy happy birthday oppa!!!

frm sophie kim’s twitter update

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Park Hyo Shin - Wildflower 

Amazing fan art!!! who made this?! Love it! High-res


Park Hyo Shin - Wildflower 

Amazing fan art!!! who made this?! Love it!

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140614 Mozart opening

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[ASK K-POP] Park Hyo-shin transforms into Mozart for new musical

Vocalist Park Hyo-shin will transform into Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart for the musical “Mozart!” starting June 14 at the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts.

Park shared his thoughts about the upcoming production at a press conference in Namsan, central Seoul, yesterday.

"It was hard to decide to join the team, as ‘Mozart!’ is one of the most anticipated stages, and I would have to lead the entire stage all by myself", said Park, who dominated the online music charts with his newly released single "Wildflower" back in April.

"But I still wanted to challenge myself and defeat my own fear".

Based on the 1999 Austrian musical written by Michael Kunze and composed by Sylvester Levay, the Korean version of the show premiered in 2010 at the Sejong Center, starring Kim Jun-su of K-pop band JYJ, whose outstanding performance won him newcomer awards at the Korea Musical Awards in the same year.

In this year’s edition, Park Hyo-shin will play the legendary music icon with performer Im Tae-kyung and Park Eun-tae.

By Kim Hee-eun, contributing writer

Source from :Hancinema

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'모차르트' run-through 박효신 Park Hyo Shin [2014.05.27]

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i wish i’m this good…lol…really amazing fan art

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Park Hyo Shin Faced with Lawsuit From Previous Agency for Fraud and Evasion of Debt Collectors


On May 14, singer Park Hyo Shin was faced with a lawsuit from his previous agency regarding evasion of debt collectors by fraud.

Previously, in June 2012, Park Hyo Shin’s agency at the time sued him for violating his exclusive contract, for which he was ruled by the court to compensate for damages amounting to 1.5 billion won (approx. 1.5 million USD). That same year, in November, the singer…

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blood suckers! …seriously, the debt has been paid off including the interest, why can’t they just let him go?! 

this thing is really making me angry… (>.<)

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생일 축하합니다

생일 축하합니다

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7 Unique Voices in K-Pop


Follow the link to read more…  ^_^

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Park Hyo Shin Declared Innocent in Lawsuit Filed by Previous Agency


Earlier in May of this year, singer Park Hyo Shin was sued by his previous agency for evasion of debts and fraud. 

In 2012, Park Hyo Shin’s agency at the time sued him for violating his contract, and the singer was ruled by the court to pay up 1.5 billion won (approximately 1.5 million USD) to his former agency for damage. 

His former agency sued him again in December of 2013, claiming that he…

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so i was doubting the law in SK, but now that “the court ruled Park Hyo Shin innocent”, i know that there really is justice in there,..this is such a great news

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Mozart MV

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뮤지컬 ‘모차르트!’ 연습현장 박효신 “내 모습 그대로”

[KBS TV특종 뮤지컬 뉴스&리뷰]http://www.kbs.co.kr/tt/news/news_vie…
2014년 5월 27일(화) 오후 2시부터 서울남산창작센터에서 열린 뮤지컬 ‘모차르트!’ 연습현장공개 행사 현장. 임태경, 박은태, 박효신이 모차르트 역으로 트리플 캐스팅된 뮤지컬 ‘모차르트!”는 6월 14일부터 8월 3일까지 세종문화회관 대극장에서 공연될 예정이다.

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뮤지컬 ‘모차르트!’ 연습실공개현장 기자간담회


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How do you feel about PHS's sudden rise of popularity thanks to Starlights?

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What an interesting question.  I would’ve asked me “how do you feel about VIXX’s sudden rise of popularity thanks to Soultrees?”  I’ve only been running Soultree USA for a few years, but Park Hyo Shin has been popular since the members of VIXX were still in grammar school.  Might I ask where have you been all these years? (^_^)  

Ok, ok, all joking aside, I believe that it is a reciprocal relationship that has served both Park Hyo Shin and VIXX well.  As a Soultree first, I took VIXX more seriously because they were on the same record label as Park Hyo Shin.  If they had come along via, oh say…SM Entertainment, for example, I would’ve probably eventually gotten around to listening to them once I’d gotten past all the hype and flashing lights and found it within me to try to stomach yet another pop-ditty boy band.*  But since they debuted with Jellyfish, I listened to them immediately with an expectation of greatness.  I figured, they must actually sing really great to be selected to be on the same record label as Park Hyo Shin.  If they didn’t, it would be such a huge disappointment, right?  And let me just state that VIXX has not been a disappointment at all, but quite the opposite.  So it’s good all the way around.

*Let me be fair to SM Entertainment, I love TVXQ, both as five and two, (putting the tragic split and all the sadness that came with that aside for the moment), and I love SHINee, and sometimes I really appreciate BoA.  I just kind of hate the company management and their method of stacking up the groups with what feels like 89,000 members, then producing rather formulaic tunes and videos that start to all sound and look the same.  I suppose that’s enough said about that.

It is kinda embarassing how some people have no idea of the level of respect and popularity PHS has compared to k-pop boy bands and then ask this type of question to a PHS fan :-P

Got to admit: Hongbin introduced youngling k-pop fans to PHS

on VIXX’s fans, they knew PHS because of VIXX

on PHS’s fans, they(our should i say “we”) knew VIXX because of PHS

so i guess it is not right to say someone got popular because of someone, because both of them introduces one another to their own fans…

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